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All about the concentrations camp

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    Concentration camps were an integral part of Nazi Germany between the years 1933 and 1945. Without them, Nazi Germany would not have been the threat it had become. Concentration camps were a "camp" where people were imprisoned for being born into a certain family, such as Jewish, Austrian, etc. The conditions in these "camps" were harsh, much rougher than most prisons. People imprisoned were often forced to work, as well as abused. Those who were not forced to work, were put to death. The first concentration camp was built as soon as Adolph Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany in January 1933. Hitler claimed at the beginning that it was for those who opposed the Nazi policy, but it was not long before others were imprisoned beyond their political beliefs. Eventually these "prisons" were built throughout all of Germany, Poland, and other parts of Europe. By 1941, they began to use the concentration camps to kill those who were not the ideal blond haired, blue eyed Christian. He began with those of Jewish descent.

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