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Social Studies by Anonymous 2020-01-06 12:34:02


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what is the most pressing issue in america and your personal opinion about it?

  • Anonymous

    Illegal ImmigrantsWe all know already that illegal immigrants is the most pressing issue in america because some people are trying to be part of the US citizens but if you are not well-qualified to go to United States of America you are included as an illegal immigrant on that country.Some people are trying to pretend that they are a citizen,however,they are not.America is the most well-known country that people are craving to travel,however,some people are jealous so that they are one of the terrorists that are trying to still the country.Now that,there is a president that is strict that nobody can live in U.S. without a visa,greencard and citizenship."Citizens that are cooperating together,can live forever."I hope this is the right answer I just made it by myself It's so hard to think but I did my best.hehehe....

  • Anonymous

    Economic issues in general are the issue.

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